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Brazilian artist in Shipwrecked Festival

Shipwrecked is a boutique music and arts festival brought to you with love. Nestled between three lakes in an idyllic landscape not far from the hum of Auckland and the golden sands of the north, the Shipwrecked Festival site at Te Arai has been lovingly curated over the years to transform into a spectacular playground.

Taking inspiration from the international festival scene, with uniquely Kiwi vibes, Shipwrecked Festival is a place to come together to celebrate and immerse ourselves into a weekend of underground music, visual and interactive art, nature and life itself.

Noila talk about your involvement in this festival

“I am Noila Souza, a local artist based in Auckland. I grew up in Brazil, but fell in love with this country and now reside in Aotearoa New Zealand. The gorgeous natural environment here inspires me to make vibrant and colourful art. Whether it’s a small rock, a surfboard or a large mural, my artwork is a joyful celebration of life, from my soul and inspired by my intense love of nature.”

“It’s being amazing to be part of this team and painting my favorite ocean theme! you can’t miss it!”Noila

“You are welcome to visit my studio based in Red Beach, a place which provides a lot of inspiration, with beautiful sunrises every morning to awaken my creativity. Have a look at my work on my Instagram page, Facebook or Website. My brand “Alion” is my name spelt backwards and represents the strength, courage, and energy I put into my life and art. I do love life to be colourful!
About shipwrecked Festival is and amazing experience. A beautiful space with lots inspiration and too much love will make this a wonderful art and music Festival. Definitely I enjoyed to be invited to be part of this.”


12-14 of February 2021
Te Arai, NZ


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